Planning a Company Holiday Party with Pizazz and a Low Budget

Published on October 31, 2022

You may not have the extra funds for your business party. It’s ok—you don’t need to go all out. Here are some budget solutions.

Use What You Got

So many times, office parties are planned at outside locations like restaurants, bars, and other rented spaces. To cut costs with a cheap office party this year, it’s time to look around and take advantage of the space you’ve already got. This may include game rooms, the foyers, or any room with enough size for some festivities. Look around and start planning how to decorate the space you already have.

Choosing the Best Venue

Selecting the right venue is probably the most important decision you’ll make when planning a corporate event. It is also usually one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make. Of course, the cost of the venue is most likely your number one concern. Especially when you must stick to the confines of a small budget. If your budget is extremely small, you may consider hosting the event at your corporate headquarters. If this isn’t an option, however, then you must also consider other aspects when selecting a venue. You should consider details such as the number of attendees. Also, the type of event, and the safety and comfort of your event’s attendees.

Party On Company Time

Although employees might understand that your company is on a strict budget, some may not be gung-ho about the obligatory holiday party after work hours. Others may have a hard time attending later in the evening (for example, parents of young children). For mid-sized and smaller companies especially, a holiday office party during working hours may be the ideal solution. In addition to acknowledging your loyal employees, it also provides an opportunity for staff to get into the holiday spirit. Some offices choose to host such parties on a Friday afternoon. They can feature a catered lunch and then a half-day, which is a win-win. It’s an inexpensive way to celebrate, yet the workday isn’t completely lost, either. Put the final touches on your office space with a Christmas tree and a twinkling string of colored lights. A simple way to spruce up the office, boost employee morale and spread good cheer with minimal effort or cost.

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