New Year, New You, New Business? Starting Up a Business in 2023

Published on December 5, 2022

Starting a new business already has difficulties, and turmoil in the modern economy has even more. Here’s how to navigate being an entrepreneur in the next year.

Not Easy

In 2019, prior to the pandemic, there were 1.04 million new businesses, compared to the 928,000 businesses that closed. About two-thirds of small businesses survive after two years, about half after five years, and only about one-third survive after 10 years. The number drops to 25% after the 15-year mark. Small businesses typically are more impacted by economic conditions than larger businesses. Of the 15 million jobs lost during the beginning of the pandemic, Q2 2020, 8.6 million were small business jobs. Small businesses, that in the beginning need more sources of financing, are also being negatively affected by today’s interest rates. Rising rates are making it more expensive to borrow money, driving down cash. High inflation also tends to disproportionately impact small businesses since they don’t have the buying power large businesses do.

Have a Tight Plan

You need to plan with built in redundancy for every scenario. This will include a P&L (profit and loss) which caters for every possible expense, a 3, 6 and 12-month cash flow prediction, and a projection that takes you further into the future. You will inevitably meet setbacks. Your plan won’t go as you expected it to. That’s why you need to build in a high degree of flexibility. Your plan will help you see if your business idea is viable.  It will be what you show investors and partners to show that you’ve put thought into the process.

Fresh Solutions

An insatiable curiosity for discovery exists in the human heart. They can’t help but peek at what others are up to on social media. The bored are always on the lookout for anything to occupy their time, be it a new piece of art or a new product. There is a whole crowd counting on you to deliver.

Risks & Finances Are Not at The Edge Of Loss 

Taking the necessary risks and making the necessary investments are the two most crucial aspects of launching a new business. With present tech, you can mitigate these dangers by deferring the purchase of fixed assets.

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