Meta Advertising: The 5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Ad Account

Published on March 13, 2023

Using Meta for you marketing can be tricky. It’s important to keep up with the updates. Here are 5 reasons why.

How Do Meta Ads Work?

Meta platforms are a trusted source. Being able to see how popular the brand is, find reviews and see which contacts of theirs are interested in it helps to legitimize the business in the mind of the consumer.

  1. Automated App Ads

Automated App Ads are an upgrade to Facebook’s standard Manual App Ads. Automated App Ads are easier to set up. In a single campaign, you can only have one ad set and one ad. Moreover, its dynamic creative testing feature lets you automatically test different creative combinations. All you need to do is provide up to 50 videos/images and five headlines and descriptions.

2. Groups

In 2022, Meta continuously improved moderator tools for Groups, and subscription-based groups now offer brands a new way to monetize their Facebook presence. Importantly, Groups are still very visible in users’ newsfeeds. All of this leads us to the conclusion that Facebook will try to attract even more businesses to Groups in 2023.

3. Small Business Studio

Meta recently launched the Good Ideas Exchange, where they came together with other industry leaders and small business owners to try and get to the bottom of what challenges small business owners face. They concluded that “content creation and creative strategy” are the most significant issues that small business owners face when growing their businesses. As a result, Meta Boost Small Business studios was created to help small enterprises to build creative digital marketing skills.

4. Advantage+

Changes in user data collection processes have hampered advertisers’ ability to effectively target and track their campaigns. Advantage+ may help improve the effectiveness of Meta ads as it relies on already-available data, but advertisers must be willing to fork over more control to Meta.

5. New Tool

To use this feature, open the Instagram app and create a post or Reel. Once it’s ready, click on “Advanced settings” on the last slide before publication. There, you’ll find the “Schedule” option, and you can select a time and date for your content to go live. Once scheduled, you can edit, reschedule, or delete posts at any point.

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