Marketing Trends to Expect This Fall Season

Published on September 11, 2023

Autumn is a crucial time to stay current on what’s happening in the market. Here’s some of the trends.

Discounts and Savings

The first holiday marketing trend makes a lot of sense because when the economy is less stable, consumers hold their finances a little dearer. As inflation continues at a higher rate than in previous years, that’s what we face this holiday season. Savings are top of mind for buyers. In a large consumer survey by Numerator, 88% of people polled said inflation will have at least some impact on their holiday spending. 67% of that cohort said their inflation-curbing strategy will be to look for big bargains (by comparison, half said they’d buy fewer items).

Video and Livestream

Video-based content is becoming a key focus area in social media marketing because it can capture a viewer’s attention for a longer amount of time compared to static posts. From TikToks to Instagram reels, marketers are using bite-sized videos to drive engagement and increase brand awareness among millennials and Gen Z.


Instead of focusing solely on one-off sponsored posts, as this has often been the case over the years, marketers will be encouraged to put their influencer marketing strategy at the center of their overall objectives. With consumers increasingly tightening their belts to face higher costs of living, marketers will need to ensure that their collaborations with influencers remain relevant to them.

AI and ChatGPT

ChatGPT is going to change the way developers create software (making it quicker and more accurate). There are for sure going to be other amazing consumer use cases for it. However, we still have a long way to go before AI will create compelling content (here come the hate emails). Storytelling is a big part of marketing. Knowing your target audience and knowing how to strike the right emotions at the right time is a very creative endeavor. One that humans are the best equipped to do. 

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy has been a hidden social media marketing gem for quite some time. This year, thanks to a costly paid ad environment and declining organic reach, it will step into the spotlight. Companies that have already implemented advocacy programs are seeing an increase in brand awareness and qualified job applicants, on top of gaining more control over brand messaging and thought leadership.

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