Looking Ahead to 2023—Too Soon?

Published on October 3, 2022

When is it too soon to start thinking about next year’s plan? When is it too late? Here are some things to consider for these questions.

Any Time is Good

Some campaigns will run across quarters, and some will be shorter than that. It’s a good idea to sit down with the team at least once every quarter and talk about the broader plans you have for the next few months. Think about major business themes. Are you trying to increase conversion? Are you trying to get a bigger social media following? Maybe you’re launching a new product or service that you want to start talking about. Whatever those themes are, having them planned out ahead of time will help everyone. You can plan and inform their day-to-day tasks so that they all serve the same goal.

Be Sure to Think Ahead

When it comes to the individual pieces of content you’re creating, doing them a month at a time is a good balance. Planning a month’s worth of content allows you to make sure you’re sticking to campaign themes, so your content doesn’t overlap too much or too little. It also lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. You’ll know your content is relatively current. It gives you plenty of time to get your content created. You can also review and revise so it’s as polished as possible when it goes live.

Don’t Wait Until Thanksgiving

Say you own an HVAC company, and you have an unseasonably cool spring/summer. You might not spend nearly what you would have on pay per click advertising as you would have had it been blazing hot. In this scenario, you’d be wise to adjust for the fall/winter. If you don’t already have a plan, don’t do what most local business owners do. They wait until Thanksgiving to start creating it. In almost every instance, that’s way too late. https://www.wrayward.com/articles/why-2023-planning-should-start-now

The Time is Now

Having a defined strategy and execution plan for increasing brand awareness. Make it within your target market, position and differentiate your company vs. competitors. Generate a steady stream of qualified, warm leads. In other words, a marketing plan. This is critically important if you intend to build a truly great company.

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