Is Your Business Stalling? 3 Ways to Refresh Your Marketing

Published on August 14, 2023

Staying on top of your marketing strategy is key to keeping your business afloat. Here’s why.

Evaluate Your Marketing Material

Your marketing material can include anything you produce, from your social media pages and website, to banners you use at tradeshows, sales brochures or even your customer service documents. It’s important these assets are consistent with your brand (logo, language, key messages). Similarly, you should ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing and relevant to how you want to be portrayed in the market. You can use metrics such as conversion rates and return on advertising spending to guide the evaluation of your marketing material. For example, are you noticing a steady decline in your tradeshow conversions while tradeshow traffic remains the same? It may be that your marketing material is misaligned.

Refresh Your Website and Portfolio

When your business starts to slow down there are many areas that deserve a closer look, product development, operations but perhaps most important of all, marketing. Sales are all about perspective and a little bit of value, which is why a great marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure. Perhaps your marketing strategy and plan could do with an overhaul. Start with your website and portfolio, they may be in desperate need of a revamp. Update your website content, take a closer look at your SEO, and use new designs. A tired, outdated website reflects poorly on your business and could put potential customers off contacting you. Your portfolio deserves as much effort. Add your latest projects and update your services. Consider whether your audience has changed and make sure you can respond to their changing needs.

Collect Customer Feedback

One way to market your business without really trying is to get previous and current clients to rave about your business. Sometimes people are ready to make a purchase, but they need a little push to commit. A glowing review, a positive customer story, or testimonials just might be the push customers need to hit the checkout. Testimonials, reviews, or customer feedback are so effective because these show real results. Most times, they were made for sharing an experience and not necessarily to push for a sale. A success story also takes the pressure off you in terms of marketing your business, because other people are doing the promotions for you.

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