Inclusive Business Halloween Party Ideas

Published on September 25, 2023

The spookiest holiday is also the most fun for people at work. Here’s some good ways to celebrate All Hallows with your co-workers.

Classic Costume Party/Contest

There are a few different ways to host a costume contest. One way is to have everyone wear their costumes and vote. If this seems too hectic, have everyone send in their costume photos a week before the party and post them to a company website page or Teams chat. Employees can vote ahead of time and the winner (or winners) can be announced at the party itself. Prizes can include gift cards or an extra paid day off. These prizes will be more budget-related and will depend on other factors.

Themed Lunch

The colorful and tasty treats associated with Halloween are the mass appeal of the holiday. Even the employees with the least amount of Halloween spirit will be drawn in by the prospect of food. With the help of the aspiring chefs and bakers within your staff, arrange for a team lunch on Halloween, with dishes, delicacies, appetizers, and desserts inspired by the spooky symbols of the haunting holiday. In addition to sweet treats like chocolate and candy, balance out the feast by incorporating healthy options like pumpkin pie, fruit spiders, jack-‘o-lantern hummus, boo-nanas, and pumpkin oranges. 

Photo Op

Not allowed to wear costumes to the office but you still want to celebrate with a Halloween office idea? The answer my friend is with a photo booth. Your photo booth attendant will provide Halloween worthy scary props for everyone. To make it even more authentic a bloody terrifying backdrop will be provided. Even the most serious co-worker will let their hair down and act silly.


After the committee chooses a theme for the party, decorations are next. One approach is to create a spooky atmosphere using the familiar objects of Halloween like ghosts, witches, spiders, scarecrows, bats, Jack-o-Lanterns, and skeletons.

Murder Mystery Games

A fitting activity for a Halloween party is to play a Murder Mystery Game. Have someone from the Halloween Party Committee play the host. The host assigns roles to the game players who get profiles and instructions about their characters. The start of the game is when news breaks that a murder has occurred. The players must work together to discover the murderer amongst them.

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