How To Plan Your Marketing Campaign for St. Patrick’s Day

Published on February 1, 2022

There’s no reason for your clients not to celebrate ole St. Patrick. Here’s some ideas to get them going.

Show Your Holiday Spirit

During St. Patrick’s Day it is also important that you show your holiday spirit. On the day of the celebration, it’s a good idea to wear green and take company pictures to post them on your social media pages. You can also post behind the scenes photos and videos of your employees which can please your audience on social media websites and help you connect with them. St. Patrick’s Day theme. There are several ways to give your direct mailer a St. Patrick’s Day theme, but first you must know your target audience, choose what type of direct-marketing piece you’re sending, and select an appropriate promotion. If your target audience is senior citizens, you probably don’t want to send them a mailer that plays on the green beer party scene. Conversely, college students are not a primary market for investment firms. Your direct-marketing piece could be a sales letter, door hanger or postcard; and the bargain you have to offer is up to you.

Retail Promotions

Along with main street parades, bars and restaurants are the hosts for St. Patrick’s day with green beer flowing and features on typical Irish fare such as cornbeef and cabbage. Party goers revel in green attire, hats, t-shirts and buttons with shamrocks proclaiming their Irish heritage or at least their allegiance for one day. Leading up to the day retailers promote everything green with promises of the luck o’ the Irish with each purchase.

Email Newsletter

It’s not always about the hard sell. Email newsletters can do just as much good for your brand as marketing-oriented messages. Sending a newsletter with content that’s relevant, educational, fun or all of the above can boost your open rates. It helps establish your business as an expert in your field, too.

Tell ‘Em to Go Green

We talk a lot here on the BEE blog about finding the ways your product or service connects with a certain holiday and making those connections clear in your email marketing. Petal & Post does a great job: In this St. Patrick’s Day email, the organic beauty company encourages readers to go green (with a double meaning!).

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