How to Decide on a Marketing Company to Grow Your Business

Published on October 2, 2023

It’s crucial to have the right people to help your business. Here’s some tips on how to choose.

Set a Budget

Having an allocated amount for your marketing strategy is crucial for your brand’s longevity and long-term growth. Other than your specific objectives, you should also set a budget for your marketing efforts. Your marketing budget will be split between different social media channels and tactics depending on your industry, business type, and objectives. For instance, a local shop owner would want to increase awareness in their specific location. This means they’ll spend most of their budget on targeted local ads and local SEO to help people find the shop easier. On the other hand, someone running an online e-commerce store should focus on retargeting and email marketing, which are critical for converting website visitors into customers. 

Determine What Specific Services You Need

You’ll want to make sure the agencies you evaluate are experts in the areas you need the most help with. While most growth marketing agencies take a holistic approach to building your brand, not all are created equal. If you have a pretty good handle on content but are in desperate need of SEO guidance, you’ll want to be sure the candidates you’re looking at have SEO experts on staff. Just don’t be too narrow in your search; good growth agencies will be able to identify gaps in what you’re already doing, and help you fill them. They will also look for ways to integrate strategies across channels. You shouldn’t be surprised when an SEO strategy also includes recommendations that relate to content or social. Remember — growth marketing is about results, and they will know how to deliver them, regardless of service line.

Look For A Growth Agency With A Proven Strategy

 Every growth agency will say their strategy is the best — it just comes with the territory. You have to do the work of making sure their claims are true. First, you need to make sure the agencies you’re looking at have actual, specific strategies that drive growth. Second, you need to make sure they work. Look for a growth agency with case studies, testimonials, or references from previous clients in your industry. There should be some proof that they walk the walk.

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