Google My Business Trends to Watch Out for This Summer

Published on June 10, 2024

Google My Business, or Google Business Profile, has some changes this year. Here’s a bit of a heads up on them.


Many companies, especially in some industries, are leading the charge in realizing the benefits of verified Google Business Profiles in terms of visibility and reputation. Sixty-four percent of companies have confirmed their Google Business Profiles. Verification rates are highest in Property Management, Hospitality, and Healthcare. More than half of home service and contractor companies remain untrusted.


Different industries have different rates of Google Messages adoption, which suggests that there are different ways to client communication. Google Messages are used by 33% of verified Google Business Profiles. There’s high use in consumer goods/services (63%), legal businesses (67%), and the automobile industry (44%). The usage rates in the retail and healthcare industries are lower, with 25% and 21%, respectively.


To improve a business’s online discoverability, especially through discovery searches, Google Business Profiles are essential. Many views (1,803 per month) for verified businesses come from discovery searches (84%). Over 1,000 search views are received by 40% of firms each month.

Profile Interactions

The Google Business Profiles interaction rates highlight how well the platform works to propel successful consumer engagement strategies for companies. A verified Google Business Profile gets roughly 200 visits and interactions every month on average. Clicks on websites account for 48% of these exchanges. Up to ten interactions with the firm can result from each view of a verified Google firm Profile.


Contacts made through Google Business Profiles highlight how crucial the platform is for enabling face-to-face interactions with clients. Verified Google Business Profiles phone businesses around 50 times a month, or 595 times a year. More than fifty calls are received monthly by 24 percent of companies having verified Google Business Profiles. When it comes to calls, the automotive, hospitality, and recreational sectors lead.


Different approaches to use visual content for engagement are reflected in the variance in the number of images across sectors. There are 26 photos on average for every verified location. Most pictures—70 on average per verified profile—are found in Home Services profiles. The industries with the fewest photos are finance and healthcare, with six and twelve, respectively.

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