Gain More Website Foot Traffic with These 5 Easy Steps

Published on September 26, 2022

Getting people to your website can be difficult. Here are 5 ways to make it more effective.

Website Analysis

Do a little reverse engineering of your thought process. Before you drive traffic to your website, it’s important to learn about your audience. To do this, analyze your website using platforms. One such is Crazy Egg. See where you’re losing and gaining visitors. With this information at your disposal, you can create the right content to drive the right traffic to your website.

Perform Keyword Research

Always include relevant keywords in your content. Keywords should be used naturally, not stuffed into the content so much that they detract from the main idea. You also don’t want to distract the reader. It’s important to use keywords throughout the content. Some sites show what keywords competitors are using. It also shows often people search for keywords, and how expensive the keyword is for pay-per-click ads. In addition, it shows related keywords and much more valuable information to guide keyword strategy. Hiring an SEO agency is always an option. They can offer valuable insights. They perform audits to identify issues that may be keeping your site from being shown in search engines.

Video Marketing

Marketing through video is on the rise as it becomes much easier to produce. You can edit videos with nothing more than a smartphone. Video SEO helps you gain greater visibility in YouTube. The main Google SERPs help your own web pages when the videos have been embedded. Here’s some help on how to market with video effectively:


Teaming up with industry leaders or local influencers is a great way to tap into thousands of new eyes. These prominent figures could post on their own platforms or come to your business and host an event. Beyond just eyes and awareness, consider implementing exclusive deals for influencers’ followers to use with your products and services.

Social Media

Take your onsite content and push it out to your social media channels so it can be found and clicked on more easily. If your website is on WordPress, the Social Warfare plugin to make content easily shareable is recommended. Additionally, videos tend to perform well on social media platforms, getting significantly more engagement than other types of posts.

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