Creative Ways to Engage Customers During the Summer Months

Published on July 1, 2024

Summer is a perfect marketing season. Here’s some avenues to get creative while reaching customers.

Local Events

Don’t miss this fantastic chance to showcase your brand and goods to a sizable captive audience. It is up to you, your kind of business, your budget, and the event’s requirements to decide whether to participate with a full booth or merely hand out flyers or business cards. Budget-wise, printing out some literature to distribute might seem like a more cost-effective option than renting a booth, but if you’ve ever attended a trade show, fair, or other similar event, you know that a shocking amount of the trash in the trash cans (and, regrettably, on the floor) is made up of handouts and pamphlets. Large-scale outdoor celebrations and festivities take place in the summer. There will always be some fairs, concerts, or other events that are within a reasonable driving distance of where you live and your place of business.

Embrace Themes

Summer is wonderful, but occasionally it can get a little too hot. Everyone is always looking for methods to cool off, whether it’s by air conditioning, a pool, a lake or river, or just an ice-cold beverage. Everyone is always searching for freebies, no matter what time of year. How about combining these to make some cool trinkets that you can give to your clients? The crucial query is whether the expense of producing these materials to have your name emblazoned on them justifies the return on investment, or ROI.


Everybody needs a little more push in the heat. There is no difference in your consumers. Offer a promotion for a certain service or commodity to sweeten the pot. For many customers, especially those with seasonal offers like HVAC firms or clothes merchants, promotions can be perfect. Think of promoting a new-customer special or extending a discount over the course of a month. Offer new subscribers a coupon to encourage them to subscribe to your e-newsletter or give away a free add-on to every customer who spends a particular amount.


The summer is a terrific time to get out of the workplace and engage with your community because things are a little more laid back. Organize a volunteer event where you and your group work with a nearby nonprofit.

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