Case Study: Hammer Financial Group

Published on February 12, 2024

As you browse through our client work on our website, you will stumble upon our work with Hammer Financial Group. Our blurb states that, “We have been supporting Hammer Financial in even outreach through email marketing, traditional marketing with flier creations, and reaching out to surrounding businesses for their employees to attend and begin working with their office on retirement plans.”

Who Is Hammer Financial Group?
Hammer Financial Group is a financial planning agency that aims to “make an impactful and positive difference in the financial lives of [their] clients through a professional, ethical and respectful relationship with our financial and insurance planning team”. They serve the northwest Indiana and northeast Illinois areas and have a special focus on holistic and retirement planning. The Lambert Consulting, LLC team worked for a year with The Hammer Group to increase their digital market to other companies and build their financial workshops in the area. We also had a goal to make connections for them to begin working with employers to provide financial services and IRAs through their company.

We Helped Showcase Partnerships
Our first step was to showcase partnerships that had already developed. The Crown Point Public Library was one organization that has partnered with the Hammer Group. Through this connection, both could benefit by making information readily available via informative workshops about Medicare. We sought to establish this same type of connection with the Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster, IN. Another partnership that was formed was with The Irwin Community Center in Homewood, IN who now provides a platform for the Hammer Group to inform people about Social Security.

We Shifted to a Digital Focus
Our second step was to take our experience with developing digital advertisements and communications to expand The Hammer Group’s online presence. The Hammer group now advertises about a webinar focusing on how to navigate taxes for those who are retiring. This can be extremely helpful for older people who may not be able to travel for a seminar.

We Helped Secure Seminars
A part of our work to shift to a digital focus involved the Lambert team counseling the Hammer Group on how to secure seminars with different organizations. A couple of success stories in this area include a seminar at Ivy Tech in Crown Point, IN concerning Social Security benefits and another in Homewood, IN that deals with Medicare supplements and retirement tax navigation.

We Advised an Email Marketing Strategy
Our third step was advising the Hammer Group on how to effectively communication via email and creating an email marketing strategy. We wanted to show them how to provide potential clients with as much information as possible through email content. Using their address at, potential clients can get a great deal of information!

We Set Up Radio Interviews
Finally, the Lambert team reached out to NPR Northwest Indiana Lake Shore Public Radio regarding setting up an interview for Hammer Financial. This local radio network is now a venue for the Hammer Group to discuss the services they offer live on the air. This is one of the most effective ways to get their information out there, and answer questions from conscientious interviewers.

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