Case Study: Comprehensive Financial Consultants

Published on February 26, 2024

Lambert Consulting worked for a year and a half to help redefine the marketing role Comprehensive Financial Consultants had. We helped plan out their marketing strategy for their new marketing employee to take over and implement moving forward.

Company Pitch

Based in Bloomington, Comprehensive Financial Consultants provides services throughout the entire state of Indiana. Comprehensive Financial Consultants is available to assist you in making sure you are financially equipped for retirement by assisting with your preparations now. Life is a journey that is always changing. Your choice of how to enjoy life is shaped by every choice you make along the way. Your capacity to reach your objectives and be prepared for retirement, however, might occasionally be derailed by your financial decisions. Far too many people put in a lot of effort and save for retirement without having a well-defined plan to help them along the way. Rather, they make judgments in the dark, which exposes them to avoidable risks and deprives them of the income distribution plans required to maintain their retirement lifestyle.

Optimized Google Page

Google is essential in today’s market. Lambert Consulting helped them achieve a nice place in the SEO, which is done by tweaking keywords, putting forth the best version of a brand, and posting regularly on their Google page. A 5-star rating from a review being featured doesn’t hurt either.

Radio and Podcast

As president and senior consultant, David Hays utilizes media to the fullest. Your Money with David Hays is his informative radio show on Bloomington’s WGCL station. He also has The Final Drive which is downloadable or streamed anywhere audio podcasts can be found. Lambert Consulting managed to bring in thousands of new listeners across many podcasts streaming services; including growing a social media audience.

Facebook and LinkedIn Pages

Comprehensive Financial Consultants has pages both on Facebook and LinkedIn, which have proven crucial for any business marketing strategies. We grew their audience through event campaigns, education generation, and targeting new audiences they hadn’t reached yet. Through monthly strategy meetings we consulted with their team on meeting KPIs and consistent marketing.

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