Case Study: Barrett Agency

Published on March 18, 2024

We started collaborating with The Barrett Agency in the fall of 2022; they handle all the insurance needs of Bloomington and the neighboring areas. Here’s how it went.


The Barrett Agency’s website is superbly optimized. Photos and contact information are an easy click for each of the agents and staff. Their location, business hours, and product rundown is also ready to access, all on the same page. Also, their mission is passionately spelled out right away: “Our agency was built on determination and passion to assist our community. Southern Indiana is our home; that’s why it is so important to us to protect our neighbors. We offer auto, renters, home, life, business, and farm insurance and can help to create policies that are designed to fit your needs. Let’s go on this journey together.”


Barrett Agency’s blog, which is an essential tool for any business, is perfectly informative and personable. We’ve worked to keep a good human profile of Barrett by contributing to blog posts that speak to customers and clients. This is one of the best ways to keep communication open and keep everyone apprised of the most pertinent information.

Social Media

We’ve helped the Barrett Agency build a strong social media presence. Their Facebook page is top notch. In addition to all their contact information, they highlight the local events they’re sponsoring. Their posts inform everyone of their expertise and accomplishments as well. Brandon Barrett’s LinkedIn page is just as effective. It shares the articles he’s written, the connections he’s made for business, and great personal message. Here’s part of it: “I have a passion for giving back to my community and I pride myself in being honest, upright and trustworthy.”


Since we know video media makes a big difference, we assisted in producing highly informative shorts on YouTube. This not only gives Barrett Agency a human touch, but also allows Brandon to impart all his information and mission in a relatable way.

Google My Business

The customers reviews and links to other media are the bedrock to SEO where Google is concerned. It’s also crucial for any business. This is why we helped to boost Barrett Agency’s Google presence.

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