Boost Sales with These Three Spring Tips

Published on March 28, 2022

Spring is a great time to think about sales. Here’s some ways to boost them this season.

Run a Contest

Contests are a great way to increase your business’ sales. Because contests get customers involved directly, they create user-generated content that increases awareness about your brand and can snag you some new customers down the road. Have your customers join on social media by liking or sharing your posts, sending in their own posts, using your brand’s hashtag, and whatever else you can think of. Spring marketing contests may include things like Mother’s Day giveaways, Easter prize packages, and more.

Refresh Your Website

You could have the best spring marketing strategy out there, but if your website isn’t optimized you won’t see your desired results. That’s why it’s vital to check that your website is running on all cylinders this spring. Take the change of season as an opportunity to freshen any website content and use online tools to grade your web vitals. For example, there are plenty of free page speed checkers online. You could even try our free website grader for the most in-depth website performance information.

Tax Season

Another important event happening during the springtime is National Tax Day. It is estimated that about two thirds of individuals expect tax refunds during April. This is a perfect opportunity for retail business owners to encourage customers to spend that cash. A great incentive to attract shoppers to your location is to offer a free item or discount with proof of filed taxes. Or, celebrate Tax Day by waiving taxes on purchases in your store on April 15th!

Be Outdoorsy

With the first days of Spring weather, people come out in droves. They want to start spending time outside and will look for outdoor events to enjoy with friends and family. Why not create an event that will attract members from your community? If you’re a retail store, could you organize a sidewalk sale with other shops on your block. Or, if you are a bike shop or similar outdoor goods retailer, you could partner with your local yoga studio, running store, chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist and create an outdoor event where people from the community can meet you and get a taste of your products and services.

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