Avoid Virtually Dying with These 3 Tips for Your Online Marketing

Published on September 18, 2023

Staying relevant in the digital market takes work. Here’s 3 ways to stay on top.

Know Your Customers

Understanding your target audience is an essential step in ecommerce marketing. Who are they? What are their interests, needs, and desires? Where do they spend their time? To identify and understand your customers, you may want to conduct market research: this can be as simple as surveying some of your existing customers. You’ll use this data to develop various buyer personas and a customer journey, which maps the steps a prospective customer takes on the path from anonymous shopper to loyal purchaser. You’ll want to define customer segments, based on factors like age, gender, occupation, income, location, and interests.


SEO is a staple for modern marketing. It helps you in several ways:

  • Keyword Research: This is the foundation of all your online marketing efforts. Skipping keyword research can throw the rest of your marketing efforts off track.
  • Titles and Tags: Pay attention to the page titles and other tags such as meta descriptions, ALT attributes, etc. These play a vital role in achieving rankings and compelling searchers to visit your site.
  • Text and Links: Your content is vitally important. Be sure to speak your visitors’ language, using keywords they understand rather than industry jargon. Take the time to link key elements to other relevant pages within your site. Both internal and external links play a vital role in giving visitors what they want.
  • Navigation Architecture: Make sure your navigation is search engine friendly. That means ensuring all pages are accessible within just a couple of clicks from the home page. Don’t offer too many or too few options. Keep it simple yet complete.

Content Marketing

If you create high-quality, relevant content to address your audience’s needs, concerns, and interests, you can build trust and loyalty among your prospects and customers. Plus, it helps you target relevant keywords super easily in just the right places. Learning basic SEO skills can help you do it easily. Moreover, it’s one of the best ways for small businesses to compete against larger competitors with bigger advertising and PR budgets. In a survey, SEMRush found that 74% of small business owners noticed that integrating content marketing proved successful for their businesses, while 21% of entrepreneurs found it impressive.

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