5 Ways to Support Women in the Workplace

Published on March 8, 2022

Not only are women half the workforce now, they’re major movers in the business world. Here’s 5 ways to support them.

Support Working Parents

Equity in the workplace requires equity in caregiving. It is critical that we work together to transform the childcare system.  Families are struggling to patch together childcare solutions, work schedules, and their children’s needs to learn remotely. Employees – disproportionally women – are dropping out of the workforce due to the lack of childcare; in fact, the number of women citing childcare or family responsibilities as the reason for departing their jobs is up 178% during the pandemic.

Create Mentorship Programs or Employee Resource Groups

Mentorship programs and employee resource groups are fantastic ways to connect your employees. Help your women get connected to leaders and employees inside and outside of their department. If you’re employing someone new to your company, she’ll might need the support after being out of work during the pandemic.

Create A Culture That Thrives On Work/Life Balance

As women return to work, they’ll probably need to adjust their home life to fit work in. If you want women to be a larger part of your company in the future, find ways to improve work/life balance now. At the start of the pandemic, many employees started working longer hours. Working women who left the workplace cannot come back to this environment. Put guardrails in place to create a stronger work/life balance for your team.

Adopt a ‘Zero Tolerance’ Approach to Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a rampant problem in the workplace: the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that in 2015, nearly a third of the complaints received included an allegation of sexual harassment – but that’s not all. An estimated 75% of all workplace harassment incidents go unreported. Overlooking or mishandling sexual harassment not only affects individuals, but also indicates that the company does not take matters of harassment seriously. Women deserve a safe workplace – one that works to identify, prevent, and take action against these types of behavior.


Use employee benefits as essential tools to do the right thing for your people as well as your business. Benefits such as group disability insurance or an employee assistance program (EAP) can offer crucial help at the most stressful times.

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