5 Ways to Beat the Summer Marketing Slump

Published on August 2, 2021
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Summer may seem like a lazy time for advertising, since people are often away for the season, but this is no time to slack. Staying on your toes will help you stay competitive into the fall season. Here are the five best ways to do it.

Stay in Touch

Some of your “unavailable” prospects will stay connected with the outside world via social media: posting vacation pictures on Facebook or updating Twitter about their latest adventures during some downtime by the pool. If you are having trouble making contact with prospects and clients when they’re behind their desks, why not try responding (appropriately!) to such posts? See what happens.

Think Summer Themes

Depending on your industry, summertime can bring its own unique issues and challenges for your prospects. Maybe their business slows down or picks up? Maybe they are more stressed … or more relaxed? Maybe there are specific needs that only arise for them during the summer months? Make sure you talk about those topics in your social media posts and interactions.

Double Down on Content Marketing

Consider using the summer time to create more content for your content marketing strategy. Whether ramping up the amount of blog posts your company produces, working on a couple white papers or how-to guides, or even creating engaging infographics, there are numerous forms of content to create that will draw in potential customers.

Don’t Neglect Social Media

Much like your other marketing channels, your company’s social media accounts must remain consistent and active throughout the summer. It’s essential to keep your audience informed and engaged year round, even during slower periods when there’s nothing new to announce or launch. When it comes to summer, however, it’s important to keep flexible schedules in mind.

Start Marketing Early

One of the biggest reasons for summer slumps is that people just stop paying attention. They begin to shift into vacation or relaxation mode, and they don’t really feel like dealing with estimates, research, and outreach. The trick, then, is to start marketing your company early so people are actually aware of your business. You don’t want to rely solely on them seeking you out. Stay on top of your advertising and keep your marketing channels active. Keep this conversation going by commenting below, liking this piece, sharing this article, calling me directly at (812-336-1727), or e-mail me at (andrew@lambertconsulting.biz).

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