5 Ways Facebook’s Meta Business Suite is Changing Your Business Online

Published on November 28, 2022

Meta Business Suite is a free platform that you can use to streamline your Facebook page, Instagram business account, and messaging into one easy-to-use dashboard. Here are 5 benefits.


If your Facebook page or Instagram account receives a lot of notifications, it’s important to separate the signal from the noise. By focusing on the most impactful interactions (like comments and messages), you can extract more value from your brand’s social media engagement. Business Suite prioritizes notifications automatically. When you open the Notifications tab, you’ll see high-priority engagement at the top. That way, you can view and respond to comments, mentions, direct messages (DMs), and shares efficiently.

Access All Valuable Insights from a Single Location

This, too, should make your work easier. Rather than visiting each account separately to look at your insights, you can now pull all useful insights into a single dashboard. Better still, Facebook Business Suite features separate dedicated insight tabs for Facebook and Instagram. The metrics you can track from each insight tab include reach, engagement, and post-performance.

Schedule and Monitor Your Boosted Posts

Business Suite is a great tool for scheduling content on Facebook and Instagram; it allows you to schedule posts and you can optimize the text for each platform (different text, hashtags, links). It also gives you optimal post times for the next 7 days so you can best reach your audience. Also, do you pay to boost your posts? You can easily boost them through Business Suite and then monitor their insights. A new update even allows you to pre-schedule your boost for hands-off advertising.

Create Ads and Keep Track of Ad Performance

Instead of having multiple tabs open for Facebook and another for Instagram Ads Manager, you can use Business Suite to create ads and monitor their performance from a single dashboard. Meta Business Suites also offer automatic creative enhancement, which slightly tweaks the visual aspects of your ads while still maintaining the core message of your ad campaigns. This helps optimize your creatives and improve their ad performance. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1459553357539014?id=916550222172854

Generate Leads

The Instant Form feature is a surefire way to generate leads through your social ads. You can create custom forms where users can fill out or respond to multiple-choice questions without leaving the platform. 

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