3 Ways AI is Affecting Your Market

Published on October 10, 2023

Artificial intelligence greatly impacts business and how we advertise in it. Here’s 3 ways its doing it.

Data Analysis

Analyzing your data is crucial for your business. Improved data analysis through artificial intelligence – AI can help analyze large volumes of data and provide key insights that are critical for marketing. With the ability to identify patterns and trends in big data, marketers can gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior. They can weigh trends and developments and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. This is therefore significant, as detailed AI analysis can provide a distinct competitive advantage. Using AI, data analysis can be automated. Tasks that were previously time-consuming and repetitive for employees can now be completed by AI in a fraction of the time. This saves time and increases the efficiency of processes. However, relevant factors that still need to be considered within this impact of AI on marketing must not be neglected: Trustworthiness, transparency, technology openness and legal certainty.

Social Media

When social marketing is powered by AI, it increases your efficiency by taking social listening to a whole new level. For example, Sprout’s upcoming Queries by AI Assist feature will use OpenAI’s GPT model to serve up a vast range of suggested terms to include in your tracking, helping marketers discover essential audience insights faster. AI algorithms use aspect-clustering to identify and extract relevant details from social listening data that can span millions of data points in real time. They help you cut through the noise and gain a deep understanding of the customer’s mind through social media sentiment analysis. This allows you to anticipate your customers’ next move and take strategic actions for intended results.


Keeping the relationship fresh with your customers is important. Artificial intelligence has the potential to assist businesses in more successfully segmenting their customer bases, hence enabling these businesses to better target their marketing efforts to specific subsets of their clientele. AI may, for instance, assist in determining which consumers are most likely to respond favorably to a certain marketing campaign and which customers are most likely to churn out of a business altogether. Artificial intelligence has the potential to give businesses real-time insights about the behavior of their customers, enabling enterprises to make efficient and timely adjustments to their strategy.

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