3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Businesses

Published on April 18, 2022

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house. Clear the cobwebs in the way you do business. Here are three great ways to kick you off.

Use the Cloud

One of the most alluring benefits of cloud computing is being able to access work-related files and information from any device in any place at any time. We live in a mobile world. Long gone are the days where files are stuck on a single server on a single computer. As the workplace begins to cater to more remote workers and flexible working arrangements, being able to access work materials, when not at work, is essential for employees. Not only does cloud computing make it easier for employees to work outside of the office, it makes it easier for small-business owners to manage their business at any time of day, from anywhere.

Update Your Website

For most companies, your website is your storefront. Even if you’re operating a brick-and-mortar location, customers turn to the Internet to find information like pricing, operating hours, sales, and more. That means, if you’re operating a website that was built in the early 2000s (or one that looks like it), you’re losing customers. This spring, take the time to update your website. Aim for a modern look that ties into what you want customers to know about your company. Are you a modern tech company, a community-focused restaurant, or an artist? Your website should look and feel the way your customers would feel if they walked in your front door.

Empty Your Inbox

Even the most organized small business owners have a habit of letting their inboxes go. Spring is great time to deal with the piled-up unread emails and excessive newsletter subscriptions. When you’re occupied by your business, it’s easy to become disorganized. Emails stack up and, as soon as you know it, your inbox is an absolute disaster. Use the springtime as an opportunity to purge your inbox. Sure, it’s a semi-painful and time-consuming process. You’ll feel energized and organized after you clear out those pesky emails. The result? Fewer superfluous newsletters will keep you more focused on emails that matter, help you avoid the temptations of sales or promotions, and get rid of the listicles that you’re not reading anyway.

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