3 Positive Ways Our “Woke” Generation Are Changing Our Businesses

Published on October 17, 2022

Corporate activism shouldn’t be dismissed. Here are 3 positive things “woke” capitalism has brought.

Glow Up

It’s estimated that Gen Z will make up 30% of the U.S. workforce by 2030. Business leaders need to educate themselves now about this generation of young, spirited workers and consider how this will impact their organization over the next decade. We must ask complex questions like: What antiquated systems and processes must be discarded to carve space for superior communications, collaboration, trust, and flexibility? What emerging trends and technologies do Gen Z’ers use and value that may eventually be adopted by businesses in the future? How does unified communications (UC) enable employee productivity as businesses continue to adapt hybrid work models? All of Gen Z’s key priorities and concerns will help leaders drive better business transformation. It will help to evolve their collaboration strategy to become more productive, flexible, and responsive. Preparing for Gen Z’s office takeover, with the right strategy and technologies, will guarantee any organization’s “glow up.” That is just a fancy way of Gen Z saying, “a positive transformation”.


The profit motive that compels companies to commit dastardly deeds also compels them, at other times, to do things that might strike you as righteous. When the latter, it’s not because they are essentially virtuous. It’s because pursuit of profit has, for a moment at least, driven them to the side of the angels. Their calculations are not always right. However, public-facing companies have powerful incentive to figure out where their current or desired markets are going. Also, how they can go there, too. Their bottom lines may be at stake. They cannot afford to be ruled by the fact-free ideologies and conspiracy theories that hold such sway today. https://www.corporatevision-news.com/2019-does-running-a-woke-corporation-make-good-business-sense/

Favorability Among Employees

A company or an organizational leader may make a public stance about an issue that is important to employees. This can have several positive effects within the workplace. Research indicates that employees, especially younger workers, favor this. They want to work for a company that is “woke” and that cares about social justice issues. These issues are important to employees. Companies that demonstrate they care about the effect of different policies and how they may impact employees can increase favorability. They can make their company more attractive to work for.

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