Stay Safe, Monroe County

The Monroe County Commissioners

What did they come to us for?

The Monroe County Commissioners first came to us when they were looking to rebrand on their social media platforms. Our initial contract was to revive the struggling Facebook Business Page and make sure it became more interactive within six to eight months. Once that got established, they then hired the company to help with things like speech writing, video work, and eventually the large Stay Safe, Monroe County campaign. This was to help reinforce the importance of social distancing, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated.

What was our strategy?

This campaign had us doing several things:

  1. researching, writing, and developing the scripts for each ad piece;
  2. the design and layout of several billboards;
  3. the places of both animated and live action 30-60 second ads on providers including Comcast and DirecTV;
  4. the media buying negotiations; and
  5. the social media rollout and implementation to back up all the messaging.

How did we resolve their issue?

To date, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the general public and the government officials. While we can’t directly track whether our messaging of “stay safe” has led to more masks being worn or vaccines being taken, we do see that the overall County health numbers are some of the strongest in the State. This means our area is seeing less people dying of COVID and more people being respective of the rules.
Monroe county facebook page
Monroe County social media post
Monroe County covid vaccine social media post

Videos we helped with