100Waters Group

100Waters is a business consulting firm out of Chicago. We got connected to owner (Brian Bauer) by the way of a network system we were a part of. He became (and still is) the official coach of Lambert Consulting today.

100Waters Group really wanted to improve their online presence. The biggest ask from them was to have a more established Linked-In page. While they were on other social sites, the company felt like most business came from Linked-In and wanted to become more active on that system. We set up a social media management plan that included researching, writing, and weekly blogs tied to their work. Topics focused on the importance of business growth tied to what a consultant or coach could do for your company.

From there, we developed weekly postings of other topics. This would include client highlights, advice that helps a business owner grow, and finding other articles or postings from well-respected coaches that shared helpful business growth tips.

Currently, we’re still rolling out a Linked-In growth strategy that includes growing his overall number of followers, showcasing success stories from current clients, and using that platform to reach out and create content that leads to an ask for a meeting with a potential new client.

100 Waters Group
100 Waters Group social media post example
100 Waters Group social media post example
100Waters LinkedIn Followers
This graph shows the increase in followers from when we took over their social media account. There was a quick spike after May because that’s when our company began managing their social media.
We began targeting specific industries in order to narrow their ideal clients. Here you can see the top industries they enjoy working with are growing steadily.

This is where we focus our attention to locations the company wants to target. Right now, they have been focusing on Chicago area, so our posts and campaigns are being scheduled to purposely be seen in the Chicago area.